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EII Pneumatic (1 Venturi) Sanding Compact Cyclonic

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EII Pneumatic (1 Venturi) Sanding Compact Cyclonic Portable 

Additional Equipment Specs:

● Canister: 5 Gallon

● Dimensions: 24"W x 18"D x 41"H

General Equipment Specs:

● Filtration: Cyclonic Separation with Internal Wall Guarding Filter from the Dust Upon Entry (removes 85%+ of the dust). Final Polyester Cartridge Filter (99.93% at 3 microns or larger)


● Qty 2 - 1-1/4" x 20' Hoses w/ Airline

● Qty 2 - Blue Hose/Tool Hangers

● Qty 2 - Quick Disconnects (Motor Head Mounted)


● Hose will reduce to 1" if used for orbital sanders (reduction to 3/4" available upon request)


● Class I: Gas & Vapour Environments

● Class II: Dust Environments

Suitable For: ● Class I, Group D: Propane

● Class II, Group E: Atmospheres containing metal dust, including magnesium, aluminum, and their commercial alloys

● Class II, Group F: Atmospheres containing carbon black, coal or coke dust

● Class II, Group G: Atmospheres containing flour, starch or grain dusts